(Made to order, and Grab & Go)

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Now you can make your meal a combo! Get a small bag of Luke’s locally-made, non-GMO corn tortilla chips, a housemade dip (black bean, hummus or roasted sweet potato) and a choose a drink from... Bull’s Head Soda, Black River Juices, Housemade Fresh Lemonade, or Housemade Peach-Ginger Green Iced Tea. Only $4.25. (Save $3.50! Sorry, no substitutions.)



Daily   Made from scratch.  Ask about today's creation. (Often vegan, G-free.)  $6.50

Chicken Soup with Veggies & Wild Rice   Our delicious signature soup. G-free.   $7.50

Daily Soup & any green salad   $10.50



Greens & Root Veggies with Woolwich Chevrai   Beets, carrots, greens, fresh goat cheese, herbs, pecans, balsamic vinaigrette. Vegetarian, G-free.   $7.95

Mixed Legume Medley  Lentils, chickpeas, beans, red onion, carrot, cucumber, herb vinaigrette.  (Vegan, G-free.) $6.50

NEW→→Greek Salad  Field tomato, peppers, cucumbers, onions, Nicoise olives, Herbs, Greek vinaigrette. G-free. Vegetarian with Feta cheese: $8.95. Vegan without Feta:  $7.95

IT' BACK→→Middle Eastern Mezze   Hummous, Tabouli (parsley salad), Babaganoosh (roasted eggplant dip) with garlic pita chips.   Vegan, (G-free with corn tortillas). $7.95.



NEW→→Chicken Cobb Wrap Poached Rowe Farms chicken, lettuce, boiled egg, tomato, corn, bacon, blue cheese spread on a locally-made white tortilla.  $9.95

Korean-style Wrap Sweet garlic-soy marinated sauteed Rowe Farms beef, OR tofu with cabbage, peppers, pickled onion, kalbi mayo, & sesame seeds on a locally-made white tortilla. Tofu (vegetarian):  $8.25   Beef: $9.25

IT'S BACK→→Chicken Aioli Panini   Poached Rowe Farms chicken with garlic mayo and sliced scallions on organic white kaiser. With side salad. $10.75 (Gluten-free bread available $1.50 supplement.)



NEW→→Kalbi Rice Bowl with Tempeh or Beef  Sweet garlic-soy marinated Beef OR Tofu with cabbages, lettuce, sautéed onion & mushroom, carrot, cucumber, sesame seeds, scallions, cilantro.  G-Free.  With Rowe Farms Beef: $13.95.  With Henry's Tempeh (Vegan): $11.25.

Burrito Rice  Bowl  Brown rice, marinated beans, cabbage, lettuce, roasted sweet potato, pepper, sautéed onion, corn, cheddar, salsa, scallions, cilantro. Vegetarian (Vegan without cheese), G-free.  $10.25.  

ADD: Henry's Tex-Mex Tempeh: $2.50, Rowe Farms Tex-Mex ground beef: $3.95, Rowe Farms poached chicken: $4.25.

Falafel  Bowl  Brown rice, mixed lettuces, crispy TBL falafel pieces, parsley, cucumber, tomato, pickled turnip, scallions, cilantro, garlic yogourt sauce.  Vegetarian, G-free.   $10.95

Chicken Aioli Rice Bowl  Poached Rowe Farms chicken with garlic mayo, brown rice, lettuce, cabbage, carrot, and parsley vinaigrette. G-free.  $12.95.

Japanese   Brown rice, cabbage salad, marinated fried tofu, carrot, scallions, cilantro, sunflower and sesame seeds, Japanese vinaigrette. Vegan, G-Free.  $10.25.   Add: Rowe Farms Chicken: $3.95.

Seasonal Vegan Bowl Quinoa, marinated lentils, mixed greens, roasted seasonal veggies, pumpkin seeds, roasted almonds, herb vinaigrette. Vegan, G-free.  $10.25    Add: Woolwich Goat Cheese: $2.25.



Mini Zucchini-Oat Loaves  $2.95

Mini Banana Loaves (vegan)  $3.25

Dark Chocolate G-free Brownies  $3.75

Financier Slices (French almond butter cake)  $2.55

Coco-nut Energy Balls  (Almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, dates, lemon, spices, coconut) Reg: $1.75 Cocoa: $1.85, 2-pack (1 of each): $3.45



We offer a full section of Direct-trade, eco-friendly coffee and espresso drinks, lattes, and Stash teas, Black River all natural juices, Live organic Kombucha beverages, Pulp & Press organic raw juices, Bull's Head Sodas, and our own Fresh-squeezed Lemonade, and Peach-Ginger Green Iced Tea.

We also provide a careful selection of local specialty products including Eby Manor milk & yogurt, Yoso non-dairy yogurts, Burkhardt Maple Syrup, Nith Valley Apiaries honey, Luke's GMO-free corn tortilla chips, and Country Flavour jams and preserves.