Taco Tuesday: Ancho Chilli Tacos on hard shell corn tortillas

Rowe Farms chicken or black beans braised with Ancho chilis, and topped with Pico de Gallo (fresh tomato salsa), mashed avocado, corn, lettuce, cheddar, cilantro and scallions on Abby's non-GMO hard shell corn tortillas.  G-free.

Chicken: 2 for $9.95, 3 for $13.95.

Black beans: 2 for $9.25, 3 for $12.50

Add a side of Hewitt's sour cream: $0.90.

We also have a new item available to Grab & Go, a Composed Salad. Several light complimentary components deliciously dressed. It makes a tasty, light meal, or satisfying snack. Today's Composed Salad has marinated lentils, hard boiled egg, cherry tomatoes, assorted olives, and marinated cheese. Vegetarian, G-free.  $8.50

Our chocolate swirl pavlova with strawberry compote and whipped cream is back! G-free. $5.75

Allison Mitchell

The Busy Locavore, 4293 King Street East, Kitchener, ON, N2P