Monday's Special: Burrito Rice Bowl

Today we're doing our delicious and healthy Burrito Rice Bowl. It has marinated black beans, lettuce, cabbage, roasted sweet potato, corn, cheddar, salsa, scallions, and cilantro over a bed of brown rice. Vegetarian, G-free. $9.95.

We also have a new Seasonal Vegan Bowl with Quinoa, marinated French lentils, mixed greens, arugula, fresh green peas, grape tomatoes, radish, sunflower seeds, herb vinaigrette. G-free.  $10.25. If you like, you can add Woolwich Goat Cheese: $2.25.

And we have a new salad with seasonal greens, baby arugula, grape tomatoes, sheep/goat Feta, Nicoise olives, herb vinaigrette. Vegetarian, G-Free. $7.50.

Allison Mitchell

The Busy Locavore, 4293 King Street East, Kitchener, ON, N2P