Roast Beef Wedge Sandwich

Roast Beef Wedge Sandwich

We've been a bit lax with our blog posting lately, so let's catch you up on our current specials.

Due to popular demand, we've kept our Strip Steak Sandwich on the menu: Rowe Farms strip steak, buttermilk onion rings, carmelized mushrooms, aioli and roasted garlic. $13.50

Next, we have our Albacore Japanese Sister Bowl: Line-caught Canadian Albacore tuna with a miso glaze on brown rice with a side salad of iceberg lettuce, red cabbage, grated carrot, tomatoes and green onion. It's basically a deconstruction of our best-selling Japanese rice bowl. Plus tasty tuna. $15.50

We have also kept our Roast Beef Wedge Sandwich, which takes slow roasted sirloin and a classic wedge salad (iceberg, tomatoes, blue cheese dressing) and makes a sandwich out of it. Delicious.  $9.95


Allison Mitchell

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